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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 7, May/June 2005

New teachers’ experiences

What was your funniest experience in your first year of teaching?

Vanessa Chapman, Central Okanagan
After a rather "wild" afternoon doing art with my Grade 2/3 French immersion class, I decided for the next art class to listen to music so the students could paint and sing and keep focussed. It was going wonderfully–most were working happily on their projects and weren’t jumping up and distracting others–until... "La Bamba!" For those who are familiar with Charlotte Diamond, you would know she sings a fun rendition of the song. One of the quieter boys in the class hopped up and started "doing the groove," and every time I turned around three more people were dancing! There was no point corralling everyone and chasing them back to their seats, so we turned up the music and took a moment to boogie together as a class!

Karen Higginbotham, Victoria
I am an ESL teacher in a K—5 school. My last name is Higginbotham. While supporting the language arts program in a K/1 classroom, I had an eager Kindergarten student call out "Miss Chickenblossom, help!"

I chuckled inside and thought what a great risk to take. I did not correct the child and am now known as Miss Chickenblossom to a lovely group of children in an exciting K/1 classroom.

Sarah Baxter, Revelstoke
The funniest experience in my practicum was working with students on tableaux and skits for "Everyone talked loudly in Chinatown," by Anne Jew.

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