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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 5, March 2005

CLC Winter School

by Susan Fonseca

The CLC Winter School was a great experience for teachers. It allowed us to share our experiences with our brothers and sisters in the Labour Movement and discuss common strategies to defend our rights as workers. The campaign organizing class was a natural fit for teachers, and other participants welcomed the skills that we brought to each group.

Our class had some lectures and presentations, but the class was interactive, and we came away feeling confident that we had learned some new skills from one another. We developed appreciation for one another’s work and made many new friends and campaign contacts.

Just as teachers are the natural defenders of education, the nurses, corrections officers, and others have their services to defend from the Liberals’ cuts. Workers from all sectors gladly wore the black ribbons we distributed on January 28, and we all left with a renewed energy and sense of common purpose.

Susan Fonseca teaches at Langley Education Centre and is a member of the newsmagazine advisory board.

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