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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 4, January/February 2005

Volunteer to teach English second language methodology in Cuba

The BCTF needs volunteers for its ongoing project with the teachers of English in Cuba. The current phase of the project runs until December 2005. It consists of a two-week methodology and language-enhancement course. The credit course is offered through Cuban teachers’ colleges and is sponsored by the Cuban Teachers’ Union, the Cuban Ministry of Education, and the BCTF.

Members involved in the project must have native speaker proficiency, be flexible, have excellent facilitation skills, have experience working with adults, be able to work co-operatively as part of a team, be able to teach with minimal resources and have the ability to improvise. They must also be very knowledgeable of modern/second language methodology and strategies.

Applicants must be BCTF members in good standing. They will be required to prepare a six-hour pedagogical workshop, 12 hours of language enhancement classes and have the flexibility to teach without technological aids. Once participants are recommended for a team, they must commit themselves to all preparatory activities.

In addition, volunteers must be available for either the first two weeks in July 2005 or the two weeks of the December 2005 break, depending on the program’s needs. There are some repeats to facilitate the ongoing nature of the program. Ability to speak Spanish and specialized training in teaching languages are assets. Teachers will be living in very spartan developing country conditions and therefore need to be very flexible and adaptable; personal preferences, i.e., vegetarian, cannot always be accommodated. The teaching is in very hot and humid weather conditions. The BCTF pays transportation costs; food and lodging are provided by our Cuban partners.

February 21, 2005 Please send a detailed résumé to Leona Dolan, BCTF International Program, 550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5Z 4P2, f: 604-871-2294, ldolan@bctf.ca.

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