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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, No. 4, January/February 2005

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA 9343A Canada, On the Wings of Our Song: Audio CD by Rhonda Draper, ©2004, 60-minute audio CD. This CD, featuring 15 Canadian folk songs, tells the story of how Canada came to be. Narrated by the voices of children, it covers the complete 'light' history of Canada from the first nations to the present. It is entertaining and important, allowing children the opportunity to imbed our story into their hearts and minds through the power of music. For Grades K–6. $20.00. Also LA 9343B Canada, On the Wings of Our Song Audio CD and Teacher's Guide $25

2 LA 9926 Early Literacy: Part 1 Produced by the Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association, Fall 2002, 74 p. This issue of LATA’s The Vital Link Journal, vol. 8, no. 1, features articles, ideas, materials, and programs and services available on early literacy in B.C. For Grades K–4. $12

3 LA 9927 Early Literacy: Part 2 Produced by the Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association, Spring 2003, 79 p. This issue of LATA’s The Vital Link Journal, vol. 8, no. 2, features 20 articles, ideas and materials on early literacy. For Grades K–4. $12

4 LA F8513 J'observe le ciel, Billon, Gilles et Barrette, Doris. Documentation jeunesse Éditions Michel Quintin. ©1992, 105 p. Ce livre grouille d’expériences pratiques pour découvrir le comportement des petites bêtes et de conseils pour les élever. Destiné aux enfants à partir de 10 ans. Utile aux enseignants apprenti-naturalistes. Dessins de qualité dont le réalisme plait aussi aux plus jeunes. 2e-4e année. $15.95

5 LA 2031 A Teaching Unit on Global Warming Produced by VIDEA., ©2003, 27 p. This resource book is part of VIDEA’s Global Learner Series. Other units in this series are: LA 1072 "A Teaching Unit on Consumerism and Media Literacy," LA 1073 "A Teaching Unit on Music and Society," LA 2032 "A Teaching Unit on Peace and Conflict," and LA 2033 "A Teaching Unit on the Coffee Trade." This unit includes five detailed lesson plans. Students examine global warming causes and assess how it is being managed on a global level. The research project is designed for online research. Overheads, handouts and worksheets and four recent news articles on the Kyoto Protocol are included. Suitable for use in Geography 12, Social Studies 11 and Science 9 and 10. Grades 9–12 $8.95.

6 LA 9922 Middle and Secondary School Produced by Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association, Fall 2000, 155 p. This issue of LATA’s The Vital Link Journal, vol. 5, no. 3, features articles and strategies for learning assistance teachers in middle and secondary schools. Grades 6–9. $12

7 LA 9609 Mei Yu's 5 Easy Steps–How To Draw Your Favourite Cartoon Animals by Mei Yu, ©2004, 48 p. This art book is written and illustrated by Mei Yu, an 18-year-old award-winning Canadian artist from Burnaby. Yu who won 16 art awards and scholarships, locally, provincially, and nationally in 2003. Book includes over 340 original colour illustrations, which are super simple, step-by-step secrets to cartoon drawing success. The book offers the basics on how to create professional-quality animal characters. Easy to follow and clear instructions. Suitable for self-taught students or for classroom instruction. Grades 4–12. $15.95

8 LA 2232 Out of the Darkness: Teens and Suicide by Marion Crook, ©2003, 167 p. Based on interviews with teen suicide survivors, parents and professionals, the author sensitively explores all aspects of teen suicide, in particular the reasons why certain young people are driven to it. The author also examines the history of teen suicide in Western and other cultures, as well as what roles parents and schools can play in suicide prevention, and coping strategies for teens in crisis. This book breaks the silence surrounding teen suicide and offers hope for those who think there is none. Grades 8+. $21.95.

9 LA9972 Teaching for Social Justice: Vancouver, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge Teacher Research edited by Mohammed Shamsher, Elaine Decker, Gabrielle Minnes-Brandes, Deirdre Kelly, ©2004, 200 p. Book includes research by teachers on teaching for social justice. This collection of research reports by a diverse group of 16 Lower Mainland teachers reflects their passion for, and commitment to teaching for social justice. Their stories relate the voices of teachers and students on critical social justice issues that they face. One of the most striking themes is that the teacher authors care deeply about their students as human beings and at the same time, care just as deeply that all students have rich opportunities to learn and succeed. Suitable for teachers. $10

10 LA ESL212B Vancouver Talks: ESL Handbook for Teachers, Tutors and Students by Sharon Dinur and Danny Laufer, ©2004, 105 p. This resource and activity handbook is intended to be used in conjunction with BCTF lesson aid ESL212A, "Vancouver Talks: Audio CD." $16.95 The handbook is useful for intermediate to advanced English learners. The book is illustrated, coil bound and includes reproducible pages for classroom use. Vocabulary and an answer key are also included. Suitable for Grades 4+. $24.95.

More curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca.

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service 100-550 West 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2 or telephone 604-871-2180 or toll free 1-800-663-9163, Local 2180, with a Visa or Mastercard. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail. Lesson Aids office and display room hours: 9:00–5:00 Mon. to Fri. from Sept. to June; 9:00 to 5:00 Tues. to Fri. during July and Aug.; 9:00–12:00 on Sat. during Sept., Oct., Jan., and Feb. bctf.ca/LessonAids



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