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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 3, November/December 2004

Yours for the asking

Elections BC education kit

Elections BC has developed a Grade 5 and a Grade 11 education kit to assist teachers in educating students about their democratic rights and responsibilities.

Youth participation rates in electoral democracy continues to decline in British Columbia and throughout North America. At the May 2001 provincial general election, only 27% of youth 18–24 years of age voted. In order to ensure strong democratic institutions in the future, participation by all segments of the population is critical. Therefore, we would appreciate your assistance in helping us with this important initiative.

If you would like to receive a Grade 5 or a Grade 11 education kit, please contact Elections BC at electionsbc@gems3.gov.bc.ca or call toll-free 1-800-661-8683.

The Corporation

The grassroots team at The Corporation announces the release of the paperback book, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, which is available online at www.thecorporation.com for $14.99 USD.

There are also three VHS tapes reflecting the three-part documentary series that explores the history, inner workings, controversial impacts, and potential future of big corporations. Part 1: The Pathology of Commerce, Part 2: Planet Inc., and Part 3: The Reckoning.

The DVD includes the feature film version, chapters and language options (French, Spanish, English Subtitles) as well as access to a study guide.

To buy the VHS or DVD go to www.thecorporation.com/canadaedu.

Animals in your classroom

The BCSPCA has curriculum-based classroom resources for teachers exploring our relationship with animals, people, and nature. The lessons help build empathy and critical-thinking skills in a co-operative learning environment.

Kindness Counts (K–2) explores the similarities and differences between people and animals. Friends for Life (3–5) focusses on responsible animal care and how that relates to our attitudes toward, and treatment of, all animals. Cluck! The Life of an Egg-Laying Chicken teaches students about where their food comes from and the needs and natural behaviours of chickens. Bite Free (K–5) is a guide to teaching dog-bite safety. All the units (except Bite Free, which includes an award-winning video) are in PDF format and can be downloaded free of charge at www.spca.bc.ca/Educators.

Many BCSPCA shelters provide presentations to your classroom. Check with your local shelter for availability. In the Lower Mainland, humane educators are available in all school districts and have temperament-tested animals that will visit your classroom. To book a presentation in the Lower Mainland, call 604-599-7297.

For classroom animal guidelines, animal care information, and information about the BC SPCA Kids Club visit www.spca.bc.ca.

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