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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 2, October 2004

Our students. Your kids. Worth speaking out for.

The BCTF is running billboard ads around the province. The message is:

2,500 fewer teachers

113 schools closed

Our students. Your kids.

Worth speaking out for.

You can watch a video of B.C. teachers speaking out for students by going to our campaign page at bctf.ca/WorthSpeakingOutFor.

On the same page, you can speak out yourself and share your experiences.

What has happened in your school since the B.C. Liberal government removed learning conditions from our collective agreement?

  • Why were the services that have been cut so important to students?
  • Why is the May 17, 2005, provincial election important for the future of public education?
  • If you could speak directly to your colleagues, what would you say?
  • Share your experience and views online at bctf.ca/WorthSpeakingOutFor

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