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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 1, September 2004

Looking back

70 years ago

Canadians must be made to realize that in the education of our youth lies the only real hope for the future of our country and that no educational system is too costly if it ensures a safe and sane development of our resources, both human and physical. If our system does not ensure that, it is utterly worthless and should be discarded and replaced by one that does. It is folly to complain of the cost of education when in education lies our only hope. Who ever considers the cost of the one remedy that will save his life?

September 1934, The BC Teacher

50 years ago

All teachers in the public schools of the province belong to the BCTF through their local association. An amendment to the Public Schools Act in 1946 made membership mandatory except for those writing themselves out before April 1, 1947. But unlike the medical profession, which admits on the basis of its own examinations, the Federation must admit all teachers certified by the Department of Education. The BCTF, however, does exert considerable control over its members. The Executive is able to suspend or cancel membership for cause. Any teacher, so disciplined because of a violation of the Federation’s code of ethics, has the right of appeal to the Council of Public Instruction.

Sept.–Oct. 1954, The BC Teacher

30 years ago

I realized schools had changed, attitudes on discipline had softened in the dozen years since I left secondary school, but nothing prepared me for the flagrant disregard for authority and the inconsiderate, boorish behavior shown by so many of the young people. Antics that would have meant severe punishment, if not expulsion, several years ago, are almost commonplace today and I’ve seen students swear at teachers, to their faces, without getting more than a lecture.

Sept.–Oct. 1974, The BC Teacher

10 years ago

Bill 52, the Public Education Labour Relations Act, was given Royal Assent on June 10, 1994, following introduction of the bill in late May. It closely follows the government’s March 10 announcement, imposing a system of provincial bargaining for all B.C. school districts. The system mandates a single bargaining unit and a single collective agreement, including major cost items negotiated at the provincial level and local items negotiated by the teachers‚ locals, and boards in each district. The right to strike will now be available only after a province-wide strike vote.

September 1994, Teacher

– Chris Bocking, Keating Elementary School, Saanich

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