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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 4, January/February 2005

Teachers attend BC Fed convention

It is important for teachers to be represented at the B.C. Federation of Labour Convention because…

…public education is under attack. This government has ripped up our contract, slashed WCB protection, increased class size, closed schools and libraries, and yet sells our dogwood to other countries because of our excellent international reputation. This government is willing to use teachers’ creative ideas and energy to bring in dollars, yet it doesn’t support us in the classroom or in the media. BCTF affiliation with the B.C. Federation of Labour gives us the strength of half a million British Columbian voices, vital voices in our fight for the adequate funding of this marvelous institution. The B.C. Fed lobbies strongly for social justice issues that affect the students in our classrooms. The B.C. Fed lobbies for worker rights and salaries that result in the money that feeds and houses our students. Affiliation only strengthens our fight for a properly funded public education system in British Columbia.
Jeanie Lucas

…the BCFed is the organization that shares the values of teachers. What do we value? We value equality of opportunity for all students. We care for the most vulnerable. We care about a public education system that produces students capable of thinking critically and equipped to be reflective, analytical, global citizens. We care about human rights, about listening to and acting alongside and on behalf of individuals and groups who are ignored by the powerful elites and corporations. We care about healthcare and public control over the management of our province’s natural wealth and resources.

We belong at the BCFed because this is where our values can be moved forward into action. The BCFed is a team of affiliated unions like the BCTF. We belong on this team where we can fight for social justice alongside a diverse group of thousands of workers who are united in our struggle for a better society and a better world.
Ren Morley

…teachers are at the heart of the movement to bring B.C. back to its grassroot, ordinary citizens. Being represented at the BCFed will help unite all the labour forces to stop the destruction of our public system. Unity is essential to defend public education. Public education is the unique way for a better and brighter future.

It is important because we have the same issues—healthcare, education, and jobs that are at the heart of our battle.
Mohammed Chelali

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