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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 4, January/February 2005

Looking back

70 years ago

There is an enemy within the gate. Apparently, there are those in the land who are taking advantage of the economic strain and stress under which we have been suffering to dim the light that has guided our course since pioneer days. It is being urged that we have spent too much money on education; that we are over-educated; that the schools are full of frills and fads and fancies that do our youth more harm than good; that all the education that is necessary for our children is a grounding in the three Rs.

Those who thus counsel us would turn back the clock for more than a hundred years. They do not seem to realize that civilization and education go hand in hand; that, in fact, education is the foundation rock upon which our civilization has been built. Weaken or destroy the foundation and the building erected thereon will totter or fall. It stands to reason that if universal education that supports and justifies our civilization is undermined, our civilization itself will suffer to a corresponding degree.
The BC Teacher, January 1935

50 years ago

What is Sabbatical Leave? It is a period of time, not exceeding one year, which a teacher may spend in ways of self improvement; he may use it for any or all of three important purposes: Research, Recreation, or Recuperation. During this period of self-improvement he may be paid a specific amount of wages. In 1952 the following suggestions were approved by the (BCTF) Annual General Meeting: That teachers seeking Sabbatical Leave shall have at least seven years service with their boards, and that the rate of pay for a teacher on Sabbatical Leave shall not be less than 60% of his annual salary for the year immediately preceding the granting of such leave.
The BC Teacher, January 1955

30 years ago

The universal language of music and song and dance should be introduced into our greatest people’s institution, our public schools. Music is one of the great sources of life, health, strength, and happiness. Music has great unifying power. It is a great relaxer for tired nerves. It quickens the pulse and stimulates effort. It inspires lofty ideals and spreads the contagion of friendliness. It creates an atmosphere of unity and comradeship. Music is the great socializer.
The BC Teacher, Jan./Feb. 1975

10 years ago

Why bother with induction of new members? And why have people recite or review the Code of Ethics at such events? Not only does the code let those new to the profession know the expectation of behaviors, but it serves as a reminder for experienced teachers. It reminds us how much simpler and productive our relationships with students, parents, and one another are when we follow the commonsense guidelines set out there. Our reciting the Code of Ethics at an induction ceremony serves not just as a welcome to the profession but as a link to those who have gone before.
– Teacher, Jan./Feb. 1995

– Chris Bocking, Keating Elementary School, Saanich

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