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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 17, Number 4, January 26, 2005

Canadian teachers support colleagues affected by tsunamis

Teacher organizations across Canada are rallying in support of over 10,000 teacher colleagues in South Eastern Asia whose lives have been affected and paralyzed by the recent disastrous waves of tsunamis.

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) is actively responding to an urgent appeal issued by Education International (EI), the body representing millions of teachers worldwide.

"EI has already allocated 30,000 euros in aid of affected teachers in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and India," said CTF President Terry Price. "But more funds are urgently needed." CTF is inviting member organizations to contribute generously to the EI Solidarity Fund in order to aid teachers and their families affected by the natural disaster.

Terry Price has written to the presidents of the teacher federations in countries affected by the December 26 tsunamis.

"In classrooms across Canada, students and teachers mourn the monumental loss of lives while attempting to comprehend the sheer magnitude of this disaster," she said in a January 5, 2005 letter.

"On behalf of over 200,000 Canadian teachers, please accept our heartfelt sympathy for the extensive loss of life and devastation caused by the tsunamis.

"We hope the worldwide response to the appeal issued by Education International (EI) will provide you with the springboard to help rebuild the future of the hundreds of thousands of innocent people whose lives were impacted by this crisis.

"Although we cannot bring back those who have died, we can help the ones who have survived. As teachers, we have a role to play in that we can help children of all walks of life comprehend the terrible images of this disaster which has brought home our vulnerability to the forces of nature," concluded Price.

CTF is the voice of over 200,000 teachers across Canada. EI is the largest global teacher organization representing over 29 million education personnel from all education sectors, from preschool to university, through 345 member organizations in 165 countries and territories.

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