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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 18, Number 5, March 2006

Looking back

70 years ago

The purpose of this article is to show the effect of the Larger Unit of Administration on a superior rural school in the Peace River Block. Teachers have received better treatment in the matter of salaries. In the years preceding the Larger Unit of Administration they often had to wait till the grain was threshed so that enough taxes could be collected to pay the village’s share of their remuneration. Now they are certain that a cheque will be waiting for them at the end of every month.
– March 1936, The BC Teacher

50 years ago

I am constantly amazed by the number of people who claim competence to direct the teacher in ways of doing his job or who have the answers to all our problems. I met a man the other day who gave me a long lecture on the way in which "Merit Rating" would solve the problem of teachers’ salaries. There is evidence that underlying the whole merit system proposal is a desire to give less money in total to the teaching staff. In fact, it is an attempt to subsidize education at the expense of the teaching profession as a whole.
– March 1956, The BC Teacher

30 years ago

A unique teacher-training program designed to teach native Indians how to teach is in its second year of operation in British Columbia. A move in this direction is long overdue. The late George Wilson, a West Coast Kwakiutl and former director of Indian education for the BC provincial government, stated shortly before his death that 94% of all Indians enroling in the province’s public school do not complete Grade 12, while less than 60% of all Indians complete Grade 8.
– March 1976, The BC Teacher

10 years ago

Do alternative secondary school timetables produce better student performance? Advocates for a quarter or semester system sometimes claim student results improve because of the introduction of the new timetable. "Not so," says Kamloops science teacher Gordon Gore. Gore looked at the results of 1994–95 provincial exams, comparing exam scores with different types of timetables. The results, he says, show that the traditional full-year timetable produces the best student performance.
– March 1996, Teacher

– Chris Bocking, Keating Elementary School, Saanich

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