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More than 1,000 new teaching positions to be created as a first step in the process to implement the BCTF's landmark court win
The BCTF has reached agreement with the BC Public School Employers' Association and government on an interim measure to immediately create more than 1,000 new teaching positions while discussions continue on full restoration of teachers' unconstitutionally stripped collective agreement language. 

BCTF leaders speak about Supreme Court win

BCTF President Glen Hansman, First Vice-President Teri Mooring, and Second Vice-President Clint Johnston express gratitude to parents for their support and teachers’ determination to ensure speedy implementation of the court ruling. It will mean improvements in schools across the province: smaller classes, more support for students with special needs, guarantees of services from specialist teachers, and more.

BC Teachers urge government to take immediate action on seismic safety in schools
For over 15 years, repeated promises to seismically upgrade BC schools have been broken and multiple plans have been delayed, leaving BC’s teachers, school support staff, and students in unsafe and dangerous buildings.

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