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The BCTLA hereby grants copyright permission to individual members of the BCTLA who wish to make a single copy of an entire article, unit or bibliography for their own use.  Permission to make multiple copies must be obtained from The Bookmark Chairperson.  Written requests should include pertinent information such as intended use, number of copies, pages required, and audience.



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  • The Bookmark is the professional journal of the British Columbia Teacher-Librarians' Association. 

    As such, it:

    • Acts as a communication vehicle for ideas, trends and new developments in the field;
    • Supports a professional network of teacher-librarians who are committed to resource-based learning and cooperative planning and teaching;
    • Disseminates information on British Columbia learning resources; and
    • Promotes reading and the development of literature appreciation.

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    • BCTLA reviews include print and non-print materials. To be considered for inclusion, items should have a significant association through British Columbia through author, performer, producer, publisher, or subject matter, and should have been published in the last three years.

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