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Executive Board Contact Information


Email and Phone Contact Information

Position Name Email Work Phone
President Jessica Bonin bctla.jessica.bonin@gmail.com TBA
Past President Heather Daly daly_heather@hotmail.com 604-936-0478
Vice President Emiline Downs edowns@shaw.ca
Treasurer Grahame Rainey bctla@rainey.ca 604-523-6011
Secretary Patricia Baisi dpbaisi@hotmail.com 604-946-0095
Coordinator, Membership and Surveys Leisbet Beaudry leisbetjbeaudry@gmail.com 250-562-1164
Coordinator, Chapters and Sections Marilyn Lunde marilynlunde@gmail.com 250 368-5591
Coordinator, Advocacy Rhea Woolgar gregandrhea@gmail.com 250-962-9271
Coordinator, Professional Development Doni Gratton doni.gratton@gmail.com 604-981-1220
Coordinator, Conference Committee Dominique Sullivan domsull@shaw.ca 250-754-6845
Coordinator, Social Media and Communication Susan Henderson shenderson.macl@gmail.com 604-941-6053
Coordinator, Websites Devika Chudy devikachudy@gmail.com 604-463-9513
Coordinator, Special Projects and Events Keely Thornton miss_knt@yahoo.ca 250-598-4589


Frequently Used Mailing Addresses and Fax Numbers

President Treasurer

Jessica Bonin
Prince George, BC

Mailing Address:

Grahame Rainey
1607-511 Rochester Avenue
Coquitlam, BC
V3K 0A2

Secretary & Awards Conference Chair

Patricia Baisi
4992-57A Street
Delta, BC
V4K 3G5

Dominique Sullivan
Ecole Quarterway
1632 Bowen Road
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 1G6


Executive Board Terms of Reference

  • The President shall:
    • choose meeting dates, prepare agendas and preside at the AGM
      and meetings of the Executive Board and Council.
    • be ex officio, a member of all committees.
    • represent the BCTLA on PSA Council and to the BCTF.
    • submit the per capita grant.
    • authorize expenditure as per approved budget lines and projects.
    • represent the BCTLA to partner groups.
    • maintain BCTLA policy.
    • notify all Executive Board members of meetings.
    • assist with conference organization.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM and report to the Council on behalf of the Executive Board.
  • The Past President shall:
    • conduct elections.
    • recommend revisions to the constitution and by-laws.
    • mentor and assist the President.
    • assist with conference organization.
  • The Vice President shall: 
    • in the absence of the President, preside and perform the duties of the President.
    • coordinate special projects, e.g. The Points of Inquiry.
    • coordinate BCTLA liaison people, e.g. YAACS.
    • make recommendations for new position statements and other standards of practice
      including learning resources.
    • liaise with post-secondary institutions especially with regard to specialist qualifications.
    • liaise with the Coordinator, Advocacy.
    • assist with conference organization.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Treasurer shall: 
    • receive and bank all monies and pay bills.
    • keep bookkeeping records of such funds.
    • prepare conference budget, finances and report and submit the conference report to the BCTF.
    • process expense forms.
    • review and sign contracts.
    • maintain BCTLA web domains.
    • coordinate meeting logistics and book conference food.
    • issue release letters.
    • suggest guidelines for financial policies and create and review the budget.
    • prepare a recommendation on fees.
    • submit a complete financial report to the AGM.
  • The Secretary shall: 
    • keep and distribute minutes of the meetings.
    • coordinate awards and grants.
    • assist with conference organization.
  • The Coordinator, Membership and Surveys shall: 
    • promote WLC survey and analyze results.
    • contact members for renewal.
    • do conference registration and BCTF member batch file.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Coordinator, Chapters and Sections shall: 
    • liaise between the executive, chapters and sections.
    • locate and encourage new chapters and sections.
    • notify Council members of Council and General meetings.
    • revise the BCTLA Councillor's Guidebook each fall.
    • provide orientation to new Councillors each fall.
    • maintain files of local chapter constitutions.
    • maintain a current contact list of Chapter Councillors and chapter executives.
    • accept and review chapter reports.
    • assist with conference organization.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Coordinator, Advocacy shall: 
    • develop and promote advocacy resources.
    • coordinate DEAR and LYSLD.
    • respond to immediate advocacy needs and questions.
    • support TLs in their personal advocacy.
    • assist with on-site needs on the day of the conference.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Coordinator, Professional Development shall: 
    • coordinate the summer institute.
    • coordinate, host and archive webinars.
    • investigate and plan additional potential PD options as appropriate.
    • assist with conference organization.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Coordinator, Conference Committee shall: 
    • recommend a location, theme, schedule, program strands, presenters and keynote(s).
    • provide input on the conference budget.
    • liaise with the site around visits and logistics.
    • coordinate/assign other committee and Executive members to work on conference tasks.
    • maintain a conference planning document.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Coordinator, Social Media and Communication shall: 
    • manage the BCTLA Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook accounts.
    • develop and distribute regular brief member newsletters.
    • assist with conference organization.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Coordinator, Websites shall: 
    • coordinate the development of the new BCTLA website integrating The Bookmark
      and the conference website.
    • keep the association passwords.
    • manage the website, Google Plus and YouTube account and keep content correct and current.
    • assist with conference organization.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Coordinator, Special Projects and Events shall: 
    • streamline the legacy BCTLA web presence
      (delete Flikr, blogs, UStream, and the extra YouTube account, etc.)
    • investigate digitization options for the older print copies of The Bookmark.
    • assist with the coordination of additional one-off opportunities.
    • assist with the coordination of special projects such as:
      the proposed special education document, video project, French translations, etc.
    • assist with conference organization.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM.
  • The Member at Large shall: 
    • this position only may exist when there is no Past President
    • support members the BCTLA Executive as requested in a variety of areas which may be assigned on a semi-permanent basis, or assigned on a task-by-task basis.
    • submit an annual report to the AGM. 


Important Dates

  • 1939: BC School Librarians' Association founded
  • 1958: The BC School Librarians' Association begins publishing The Bookmark journal
  • 1976: The Ministry of Education "Sources and Resources" project begins to develop a Handbook for BC school library professionals
  • 1978: In Vancouver, Ken Haycock and others develop a new term—"teacher-librarian"—to describe the professional in the school library and express the teaching role of the school librarian
  • 1981: The annual Working and Learning Conditions surveys begin
  • 1983: Name changed to BC Teacher-Librarians' Association
  • 1986: BCTLA publishes Fuel for Change: Cooperative Program Planning and Teaching
  • 1987: BCTLA submits a brief to the Royal Commission on Education
  • 1990: Developing Independent Learners: The Role of the School Library Resource Centre is published by the Ministry of Education
  • 1991: Literature Connections: The Teacher and Teacher-Librarian Partnership is published by the Ministry of Education
  • 2000: BCTLA publishes The Research Quest
  • 2011: BCTLA publishes The Points of Inquiry: A Framework for Information Literacy and the 21st-Century
  • 2014: BCTLA publishes From School Library to Library Learning Commons: A Pro-Active Model for Educational Change


Past Presidents

BCSLA Presidents
1939-1940 Muriel Carruthers*
1940-1941 Margaret (Rathie) Ginther
1941-1942 Jean Woodrow
1942-1943 Margaret Cook
1943-1944 Jean (Witbeck) Vick
1944-1945 Mary Coleman*
1945-1946 Cordy Mackay & Myrtle Batchelor
1946-1947 Myrtle Batchelor
1947-1949 Lucy Howell*
1949-1951 Margaret Murray
1951-1953 Hilda Smith
1953-1955 Christine Sutherland
1955-1957 Josie MacDonald
1957-1958 May Martin
1958-1959 Dorothy McLellan
1959-1960 Dorothy Williams
1960-1961 Marion Wylie*
1961-1962 Ed Burchak
1962-1963 Harry Newsom
1963-1964 Grace d'Arcy
1964-1965 Mary Coggin
1965-1966 Ed Albrecht
1966-1967 Robert Brown
1967-1968 Margaretta Rice
1968-1969 Alan Fraser
1969-1970 Elsie Wagner
1970-1971 Roger Behn
1971-1972 Fran Sbrocchi
1972-1973 Gerry Constable
1973-1974 Mel Rainey
1974-1976 Angela Thacker*
1976-1977 Blair Greenwood*
1977-1978 Doug Trounce
1978-1979 Mel Maglio
1979-1980 Glen Pinch
1980-1982 William Scott*
1982-1983 Alan Knight*
BCTLA Presidents
1983-1984 Alan Knight*
1984-1986 Liz Austrom
1986-1988 Barbara Hall
1988-1990 Diana Poole*
1990-1992 Patricia Finlay
1992-1994 Kristina Nellis
1994-1995 Judith Kootte
1995-1998 Gerald Soon
1998-2001 Mark Roberts
2001-2003 Joan Eaton & Kay Treadgold
2003-2005 Mary Locke
2005-2007 Pat Parungao
2008-2009 Bonnie McComb & Heather Daly
2009-2017 Heather Daly
2017- Jessica Bonin

* Deceased


Constitution and Bylaws


Mission and Goals

Program of the BCTLA


The objectives of this non-profit provincial specialist association shall be to support and communicate with members and subscribers; and to develop high standards of library programs and services in British Columbia schools by: 

1. Improving learning and working conditions.
2. Providing professional development and materials.
3. Highlighting standards of practice and developing shared understandings.
4. Acting as a hub for ideas, trends, and innovations.
5. Encouraging the development and acquisition of quality learning resources and tools.
6. Supporting and encouraging the attainment of specialist qualifications.   
7. Liaising with other associations and federations to pursue common goals.
8. Communicating with post-secondary facilities that provide teacher education.
9. Proposing policy positions to the BCTF and other appropriate agencies.
10. Advocating, through the BCTF, for Ministry of Education support and recognition.


BCTLA Minutes

  • The minutes of BCTLA General Meetings will be posted here.
  • 2016-2017: AGM (tba)
  • 2015-2016: AGM (tba)
  • 2014-2015: AGM (tba)
  • 2013-2014: AGM (tba)
  • 2012-2013: AGM (tba)
  • 2011-2012: AGM (tba)
  • 2010-2011: AGM
  • 2009-2010: AGM
  • 2008-2009: AGM
  • 2007-2008: AGM
  • 2006-2007: AGM
  • 2005-2006: AGM
  • 2004-2005: AGM
  • 2003-2004: AGM
  • 2002-2003: AGM
  • 2001-2002: AGM
  • 2000-2001: AGM


Position Statements

    • The British Columbia Teacher-Librarians' Association and other library associations are concerned about the significant loss of teacher-librarian staffing in BC.