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October 2014 is Library Month.
Monday, October 27th is BC School Library Day.

Share-Celebrate-Advocate. Everyone can participate: 

  • Download Canadian Library Association materials for your school.
  • Drop Everything and Read! Participate in the BC DEAR challenge. 
  • Visit your school library soon!

The 2014 Drop Everything and Read Challenge will be held on Monday October 27, 2014!

BCTLA DEAR: Drop Everything and Read for 2014

BCTLA is excited to offer large pdf's to promote the event. We have offered several choices in English and French! Posters may be downloaded and printed in any way by anyone in any jusrisdiction! However, if you wish to make alterations to the content included on any of the posters, please contact BCTLA regarding the necessary copyright permissions.

Report your participation in DEAR and follow @bctla_dear on Twitter

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Choose from the following selection of files: these posters are print ready. To print letter-sized posters: using your print, do a 'scale to fit'. For larger posters: scale it up 200% to 22 x 34.

POSTER: PDF - 11 x 17
POSTER: PDF - 11 x 17
POSTER: PDF - 11 x 17
AFFICHE: PDF - 11 x 17
AFFICHE: PDF - 11 x 17
AFFICHE: PDF - 11 x 17



BC Advocacy Toolkit

Get updates from a range of services to suit you and your colleagues:

Advocacy Resources Developed by BC Teacher-Librarians

We are all working in trying times, often spending long days just trying to maintain our existance, nevermind be worldclass teachers. Many of our colleagues are under strain and threat of cuts. We can lose heart. Despite the too frequent stresses confronted by professional teacher-librarians, a few colleagues raise the bar of professionalism and resist the odds.


Other Advocacy Resources



Guidelines and program statements will be added here.

  • TBA


Working and Learning Conditions and Statistics



Letters and Statements


Research and Links


Research on BC Teacher-Librarians and School Libraries

  • The Role of Teacher Unions in School Library Advocacy: A Case Study of the British Columbia Teacher-Librarians' Association and the British Columbia Teacher's Federation (Ewbank, 2013) Preliminary Findings

  • Connecting British Columbia (Canada) School Libraries and Student Achievement: A Comparison of Higher and Lower Performing Schools with Similiar Overall Funding (Haycock, 2011) Paper

General Studies and Resources



BC teacher-librarians have great support from our partners and friends!