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What Really Counts! Rethinking Accountability

2006 BCTF Public Education Conference

Teachers are increasingly troubled about the growing bureaucracy that is taking time away from teaching and learning. On October 27 and 28, 2006, the BCTF hosted a delegated conference to examine the critical issues involved and their impact on students and BCs public schools.

The BCTF teamed up with Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia to deliver the program.

Conference speeches and student panel

  • Webcasts, featuring Dr. Paul Shaker, Dean of Education at SFU, a student panel, and closing plenary speakers
  • Paul Shaker's keynote presentation slides PDF file; Acrobat Reader required. 
  • Gail Chaddock-Costell's closing plenary, The accountability agenda and its effect on services for special education students
  • Susan Fonseca's closing plenary 


  • Conference workshop descriptions 
  • WRC-02: More time for what really counts: Passionate teaching, inspired learning
    • Discussion - recurring themes expressed by participants
  • WRC-06: Assessment, high stakes, and alternative visions: Appropriate use of the right tools to leverage improvement. Dan Laitsch, SFU  
  • WRC-08: What do parents want for their children. Charles Menzies, UBC
    • Background information, including workshop handouts and links to articles, as well as results of the workshop discussions on parent expectations are on the facilitator's blog.
  • WRC-09: The promise of the Charter for Public Education in the democratic renewal of education and society.  
  • WRC-014: Assessment, accountability, and diversity in school. Kadriye Ercikan, UBC Faculty of Education, Dr. Nancy Perry, UBC Faculty of Education  
  • WRC-015: Effects of accountability on curriculum, instruction, and kids--and some alternative approaches. Sandra Mathison, UBC, and E. Wayne Ross, UBC  
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