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Bargaining and Collective Agreements

Bargaining content for BCTF members is accessible in the members-only portal. The collective agreements are also published in the portal.

Instructions for members logging into the portal: Your BCTF member ID number is your login username. If you need help registering for the first time or logging in, please refer to our portal help guide If you need further help, email portal@bctf.ca or call 604-871-2119 or toll-free 1-800-663-9163 (local 2119).

Bargaining 2014

Bargaining 2014: The backstory

The September/October 2014 issue of the Teacher Newsmagazine features articles about teacher activism during the strike and many photos of teachers on the line. The feature article goes deep into every step along the way during the most recent round of bargaining.

Teachers’ voices tell the story

During the strike, our members wrote songs, posted photos and videos of teachers picketing and at rallies, wrote blogs, letters, and opinion pieces, and engaged in social media. We have captured their creativity and activism on our teachers’ voices on the line page.

BC teachers ratify agreement; end the strike

Members of the BC Teachers’ Federation ratified the agreement (member portal login required) reached on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, with the government’s bargaining agent, the BC Public School Employers’ Association. More...

BC Court of Appeal decision: Bills 22 and 28

The BC Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the provincial government on April 30, 2015. The BCTF will seek leave to appeal the decision at the Supreme Court of Canada. More...

BC Supreme Court Ruling on Bills 28 and 22

January 27, 2014: an historic day for public education and labour rights in BC. The BC Supreme Court reaffirmed that provincial legislation limiting teachers’ bargaining rights is unconstitutional, restored collective agreement provisions stripped in 2002, and ordered the province to pay $2 million in damages plus court costs. More...

Christy Clark’s decision to appeal Justice Griffin’s latest ruling suggests she and her government think they are above the law. BCTF President Jim Iker responded to the news of the government appeal. More...

BCTF Factum for Court of Appeal

The BCTF’s Factum was presented before the BC Court of Appeal on October 14-16, 2014. The government has claimed public interest immunity over cabinet documents. Consequently, all references to cabinet documents have been redacted. The need for redactions is an ongoing issue that will be decided by the Court of Appeal.

Solidarity greetings from around the world

Canadian and international teacher unions and workers’ organizations are sending solidarity greetings in support of BC teachers. More...

Declaration of Teaching and Learning Conditions 

The Declaration of Teaching and Learning Conditions (Jul 2014) sets out the rights and responsibilities of BCTF locals and members, the rights and responsibilities of students, and the teaching and learning provisions that will ensure an education system of the highest quality and responsibility.


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