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Lobby Debrief Report Form

Reporting out on the lobby effort is a valuable step in the process. It may be helpful to use the following form to develop a report.

Name of MLA(s): ______________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________

Report compiled by: ____________________________________

1. Who was involved in planning the lobby?

2. Who attended as part of the lobby delegation?

3. Who was with the MLA? (name and position)

4. What were the key messages for the MLA?

5. What were the points raised in the lobby?

6. What was the MLA’s response/reaction to the key points?

7. What commitments did the MLA make?

8. What commitments were made by the lobby delegation?

9. What follow-up needs to take place?

10. What do you know that you didn’t know before the lobby?

11. Other?



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