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Disability Rights Lesson Plans

The Rick Hansen Foundation
The Rick Hansen School Program resources are a complete set of resources designed by educators, for educators to support them in teaching students about disability, accessibility and inclusion, thus empowering youth to become difference makers in their schools and communities.

Foundry—Featured resource for schools
In response to the increasing number of requests for presentations on mental health, the BC Children's Hospital created a resource that can be used in high schools across BC to spark dialogue and increase awareness about mental health. 

Understanding and Challenging Ableism
This lesson provides an opportunity for students to understand what ableism is and the many ways it manifests, reflect on specific examples of ableism and categorize them, and consider ways they can be allies and take actions to confront and challenge ableism.

What Is Ableism?
In this lesson, students will share what they already know about physical disabilities, stereotypes regarding people with disabilities/disabled people and issues of fairness and accessibility. They will start learning vocabulary for talking about ableism. Grade K-5

Diversibility and Ableism
What if diverse abilities were actually called DIVERSABILITIES instead of disabilities? In this topic, we will explore the power of language as it relates to ability, learning about the concept of ableism and celebrate the uniqueness of how our bodies and minds function.

Lydia Brown: Disability Justice Lessons: Brazelton Center for Mental Health
In this PDF lesson plan, you’ll find six modules that you can mix and match, that all teach about different aspects of disability rights and disability justice.

The 10 Principles of Disability Justice

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