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Status of Women Workshops

BCTF workshops

To request these or other Social Justice workshops for a school-based, local, or regional professional development day, or a School Union Representative Training (SURT) day, please click on the “Book this Workshop” link below the workshop description on the BCTF Social Justice Workshops page.

The specific workshops we offer are:

Advocating to Break the Cycle of Cyberbullying

(1.5–3 hours, includes off-screen working session and break)

Teachers will leave this workshop with knowledge and strategies to address students’ involvement in cyberbullying. Workshop participants will develop a stronger understanding of cyberbullying and the social media platforms where it takes place. They will learn about proactive measures to raise students’ awareness of this increasingly prevalent issue. Participants will also develop strategies to identify students who may be involved in cyberbullying and offer the appropriate support. 

Assertive Communication: Positive Interactions

(1.5–3 hours, includes off-screen working session and break)

This workshop teaches the key principles of communication by exploring the differences between passive, aggressive, and assertive communication styles. Participants will develop skills through a variety of exercises, role play and practice, in order to effectively communicate in their classroom, schools, union work, or personal lives.

This workshop has been adapted for online presentation.

Engaging Men and Boys to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

(1.5–3 hours, includes off-screen working session and break)

Workshop participants will deepen their understanding of how socialization contributes to the development of oppressive attitudes and behaviours based on gender. Teachers will begin by examining the varying degrees of violence against women. After considering the concepts of gender identity, power, and privilege, participants will reflect on their own values related to these topics and begin to develop a plan to uphold them. Teachers will leave the workshop equipped with a deeper understanding of the role men and boys can play in overcoming violence, along with an enhanced commitment to taking on this role. This workshop session will be offered to participants who identify as men. Another session will be offered for all teachers.

In the shoes of the bully, the bystander and the victim: Building self-awareness, social awareness, and empathy

(1.5–3 hours, includes off-screen working session and break)

This workshop will help to develop an understanding of self-awareness, social awareness and empathy building around bullying and bystander issues. Key skills and strategies will be used to develop and understanding of the factors contributing to the different roles in relationships between bully, victim, bystander and ally. Through talking circles and reflective listening activities, ideas will be presented on how to support change through the creation of a safe and inclusive classroom. There will be opportunities to further explore the teacher’s role as an elder and mentor to students. Handouts and resources will be provided for teachers to integrate this approach into their classroom.

Promoting Healthy Youth Relationships: Educating Against Gender-Based Violence

(1.5–3 hours, includes off-screen working session and break)

This workshop raises awareness of healthy and unhealthy youth relationships and gender-based violence. Workshop participants increase their understanding of the impact of dating and sexualized violence on youth. Through the exploration of lessons and strategies to address these issues in the classroom, the workshop enhances the capacity of schools and educators to encourage healthy youth relationships. A series of lesson plans and comprehensive resources are provided for use in the classroom.

Sexual Health Education: It's Fun!

(1.5–3 hours, includes off-screen working session and break)

This recently revised BCTF workshop provides participants with essential information about sexual health. The topic of consent is discussed in detail. Workshop participants will become familiar with several recommended resources and some fundamental strategies for teaching the mandated sexual health curriculum to BC students at all grade levels in public schools. The workshop will help teachers in accessing resources and developing lesson plans that satisfy the curriculum, as well as navigate the social and cultural context. This session is sex-positive and aims to empower educators to create an inclusive and comprehensive sexual health education program. 

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