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LGBTQ2S+ Workshops

The BCTF offers a variety of free workshops to teachers that aim to develop skills to address social justice issues within our classrooms and school communities. The following workshops on poverty are available for booking through the BCTF.

To request these or other Social Justice workshops for a school-based, local, or regional professional development day, or a School Union Representative Training (SURT) day, please click on the “Book this Workshop” link below the workshop description on the BCTF Social Justice Workshops page.

Creating a Gender-Inclusive School Culture

Creating a Gender Inclusive School Culture (3 hours) This workshop will help develop an understanding of the risks facing trans students, as well as the protective factors, gain increased familiarity with terminology used by the trans communities,

Promoting Healthy Youth Relationships: Educating Against Gender-Based Violence

This workshop raises awareness of healthy and unhealthy youth relationships and gender-based violence. Workshop participants increase their understanding of the impact of dating and sexualized violence on youth. Through the exploration of lessons and strategies to address these issues in the classroom, the workshop enhances the capacity of schools and educators to encourage healthy youth relationships. A series of lesson plans and comprehensive resources are provided for use in the classroom.

Reach Out, Speak Out on Homophobia and Transphobia

Reach Out, Speak Out on Homophobia and Transphobia(3 hours) This workshop focuses on how to be an ally and support LGBTQ+ youth within schools. Educators will develop an understanding of sexuality and gender as spectrums

Sexual Health Education: It's fun!

This recently revised BCTF workshop provides participants with essential information about sexual health. The topic of consent is discussed in detail. Workshop participants will become familiar with several recommended resources and some fundamental strategies for teaching the mandated sexual health curriculum to BC students at all grade levels in public schools. The workshop will help teachers in accessing resources and developing lesson plans that satisfy the curriculum, as well as navigate the social and cultural context. This session is sex-positive and aims to empower educators to create an inclusive and comprehensive sexual health education program.

Supporting Gender-Inclusive Communities

Supporting Gender Inclusive Communities(90 minutes)

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