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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 19, Number 2, October 2006

The charter for public education network

In 2002–03, British Columbians shared their views on public education. An independent panel toured the province, received 620 submissions in 42 communities, and brought together thousands of people in passionate dialogue about public education.

These questions were posed at each hearing:

  • What is an educated person; what are their characteristics?
  • Which of these characteristics are developed through the public schools?
  • What is an educated community?
  • What are the principles of public education?

The result is a document that expresses the dreams, hopes, and visions of these communities and their learners. The Charter for Public Education, published in 2003, is a starting point for dialogue and change in public education.

The network, a non-partisan organization founded in 2004, is based on the principles of the Charter for Public Education (www.charter.publiced.ca). The network brings together individuals and groups committed to the principles of public education.

Although still a new organization, the network is working hard to include teachers, parents, students, educational associations, and the community, and to take public education dialogue further. This is being done through panel discussions, articles, teaching tools, presentations, research, and media interventions.

Public Education Research Foundation
The foundation, the sister organization of the network, will seek partners and donors to fund new and innovative research and activities that will provide a catalyst for more dialogue and promote the principles of public education even further. Every donation made to the foundation is tax deductible.

You can join or make a secure donation online at www.charter.publiced.ca/membership.html.

The full charter is available to download at: www.charter.publiced.ca/charter.html.

For more information, call 604-786-3055 or e-mail charter@publiced.ca.

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