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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 19, Number 1, September 2006

A victory for LGBT issues

The province will be developing a new course for Grade 12 students that will explore the nature of a just and equitable society by focusing on social justice issues.

The new elective course will offer students opportunities to study the legal, political, ethical, and economic perspectives that inform Canadian concepts of justice and equality. Content will include issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, family structure, and sexual orientation. The course will be piloted in the 2007–08 school year, with full implementation in September 2008.

The province will also establish a process and schedule to review the BC educational curriculum to ensure that it reflects inclusion and respect for the diverse groups that today make up BC’s population. Reviews will be conducted when each course or area of study comes up for regular revision by the Ministry of Education.

These measures result from an agreement between the province and Peter and Murray Corren of Vancouver, who were seeking, through the BC Human Rights Tribunal, the addition of sexual orientation issues to the curriculum for the British Columbia public school system.

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