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Teacher Newsmagazine   Volume 24, Number 7, May/June 2012  

Health and safety: Advice for the summer 

By Karen Langenmaier  

Summer is coming and it is amazing how good the summer sun makes you feel. In fact, it makes you feel so good; you think you are years younger. The stress of teaching is gone. No effects of Bill 22 to think about for a while. Summer conference and gearing up for the fall is a long way off and our minds turn to doing things that we would not ordinarily do.

Do not fall prey to the “I can still do it.” state of mind.

You really cannot lift as much as you used to. Just ask a colleague who injured his back helping a friend last summer.

Flip flops are not recommended lawn-mowing attire. Just ask the colleague who cut off her little toe when she slipped on some wet grass and her foot went under the lawn mower.

Staying out in the sun unprotected is hazardous to your health. Just ask the colleague who was diagnosed with melanoma last year.

Be realistic about your physical abilities; wear appropriate work clothing, slap on a hat, slop on some sunscreen, and slip on a cover. Take breaks, sip on cool beverages, read a book and stay healthy and safe so you can make public education a better place next year.  

Karen Langenmaier, health and safety officer, Income Security Division 


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