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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 19, Number 5, March 2007

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA 1074—How Music Came to the World: A Curriculum for English 8 by Mary Filleul, 70 p. and three-set CD, ©2005. This interdisciplinary curriculum unit consists of a booklet of reading comprehension strategies and a CD of multicultural stories around the origin and/or importance of musical instruments to a cultural group. All 12 recorded stories are told by professional storytellers and include musical accompaniment. Each world music story is set in places as far-flung as India and Vietnam, and as close as the story of Grandmother Drum, from the Cree people and that of the French Canadian fiddle from Quebec. While this curriculum is geared to an average Grade 8 class, many of the activities will be best suited to teachers of reluctant or struggling readers. Because of the diversity of the stories, this multicultural package would be very appropriate for a culturally mixed group of learners. Grades 7–8. $39.95

2 LA 8057—Kinder Rhymes, Langley School District, 250 p. and CD, ©2005. This colourful illustrated book compiled by six kindergarten teachers is a learning and activity package that includes eight nursery rhymes with lesson plans, coloured 28 cm x 43 cm sentence strips for each rhyme, and a CD. It is structured so each rhyme has a literacy, numeracy, fine arts and extra connections component. There are dozens of activities in each section, as well as blackline masters. The CD features song and instrumental versions of each nursery rhyme. Additional resources such as books, puppets and felt boards that can ordered separately. The following nursery rhymes are featured: Baa Baa Black Sheep, Eensy Weensy Spider, Hey Diddle Diddle, Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and We Willie Winkie. This resource is also useful for ESL teachers. $49

3 LA 9180—Library Information Skills Survival Guide, Langley School District, 97 p. ©2002. This guide will assist students in efficiently finding good information and learning how to use the information effectively. The guide includes an information literacy plan based on the current IRP with K–7 sequence of skills plus many suggested activities for each learning outcome. The strategies provided are engaging and easily prepared for teaching students how to find their way around the library, how to gather and process information and how to prepare a bibliography. The guide is carefully designed and broken down into library skills according to grade levels. Grades 1–7. $40

4 LA 3104—A Little Bear’s Vision Quest, Teacher’s Resource Guide by Ilona Weiss, 73 p. ©2006. This guide is a resource for the book LA 3104 "Little Bear’s Vision Quest" ($16.95). It focusses on teaching students about the importance of friends and how to treat friends. Little Bear is not very nice to his friends and learns about cause and effect, as well as learning to think about others and not just his needs. This resource guide includes 14 lessons. The activities meet many of the BC prescribed learning outcomes for social responsibility, language arts, and fine arts. Related learning outcomes are included with each lesson. The lessons are designed to be adapted easily, with a minimum of teacher preparation required. Grades 3–6. $24.95

5 LA 9774—O Canada by Ruth Hanna and Ashley Milne, 2.33 min. CD, ©2006. This professionally produced CD was recorded by two parents from the Surrey. One version, 1.24 min. in length, is sung by a female vocalist and the other version, 1.09 min. in length, is sung by a male vocalist. The CD was requested by school administrators who wanted a clear, simple, and easy version of O Canada so students could sing along with the music. To receive a short sound byte demo, please e-mail rutholsma@hotmail.com. All grades. $20

6 LA 9933—ADD/ADHD, Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association, 80 p. ©2006. This issue of The Vital Link includes articles to assist teachers in clarifying some issues about children who require understanding of their needs, and the need to adapt and transform teaching to help meet those needs in order to assist all students in their pursuit of an education. The resource includes strategies for teachers and presents testimonials from people who work closely with children with ADD/ADHD. K–12. $12

7 LA 9981—IRP Preview Templates for K–7 by Matthew McCohm, 89 p. ©2006. These preview templates of the BC Ministry of Education IRPs include three terms of Kindergarten to Grade 7 outcome outlines for language arts, fine arts, mathematics, physical education, science, social studies and CAPP. Grades K–7. $7.50

8 LA 3048B—Calculus Manual 1: Function Definitions for Students: CD Rom by E.E. Egstrom, 45 p. on CD Rom. The award-nominated calculus manual, now in CD Rom format, is reference material for single variable calculus. It is especially useful in the Advanced Placement Program Calculus course. The CD Rom includes three chapters (with calculator computations). Chapter One: functions, limits and rates of change; functions; function limits; strategy to use tangent lines to parabolas as slope predictors. Chapter Two: derivatives, derivative chain rule, derivative as rates of change, trig functions, derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions, differentials, approximations, linear/ quadratic, linear approximations, applications, derivatives: graphing/curve sketching, antiderivatives. Chapter Three: integral calculus, indefinite integrals, fundamental theorem of integral calculus, integration numerical. Grades 11–12. $18.95

9 LA 8087A—Daily Language Review, Grade 1, Evan Moor Educational Publishers, 130 p. ©2005. This book includes Monday to Friday lessons for each day of a 36-week school year and short daily lessons. Each of the daily lessons has five language tasks for students to complete. The following skills are addressed: sentence editing, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, word study skills and reference skills. The pages are reproducible and the book includes a skills list and answer keys. $19.95.

Also, LA 8087A Daily Language Review, Grade 1: Student Practice Book, 112 p. This consumable student practice book includes many focussed practice exercises. $4.95

10 LA 9176—Daily Language Review, Grade 4, Evan Moor Educational Publishers, 130 p. ©2004. This book includes Monday to Friday lessons for each day of a 36-week school year and short daily lessons. The pages are reproducible and the book includes a skills list and answer keys. $19.95.

Also, LA 9176A Daily Language Review, Grade 4: Student Practice Book, 114 p. This consumable student practice book includes focussed practice exercises. $4.95

More curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca.

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service, 100-550 West 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2 or telephone 604-871-2180 or toll free 1-800-663-9163, Local 2180, with a Visa or Mastercard. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail. Lesson Aids office and display room hours: 9–5 p.m. Mon. to Fri. from Sept. to June; 9–5. Tues. to Fri. during July and Aug.; 9–12 on Sat. during Sept., Oct., Jan., and Feb. bctf.ca/LessonAids.

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