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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 19, Number 5, March 2007

Everyone’s gifted

by Rowan Laird

What is it like being a gifted student in a classroom? When this question was posed to me, I had to think about it. I mean, I knew I was in WriteStretch, and I knew I did well on writing assignments. And sometimes I was asked to write stuff, like this article. But the difference really isn’t in the classroom. Just like there are people who are good at math. People who are good at art. I’m no more gifted than anybody else. Not really.

So then I thought maybe the question was more about the program I’m in, called WriteStretch. About every month, my friend Carlie and I miss two to three hours of school to go to the Resource Centre near Langley. There, many other kids from around the Delta School District meet and we all write, with the instruction of our WriteStretch teacher, Ms. Nabata. I feel lucky to have gotten into this program. But what is the meaning of the question? That "gifted" meant I was in the WriteStretch program? I think that’s what the person posing the question meant. But the thing is, there are other people who are gifted too. There’s ArtStretch and MathStretch. There’s kids all over the world who are gifted, too. So I guess my answer to the question is that when you have a talent for something, it’s expected of you to get a high mark. When graded writing assignments are handed back, nobody except Carlie asks me what I got because the other students expect us to get a high mark. And like I said, I’m asked to do special stuff.

Rowan A. Laird is a 12-year-old Grade 7 student.

From the Winter 2006 issue of The Vital Link, the Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association publication.

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