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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 19, Number 5, March 2007

President's message

Every March we hold our Annual General Meeting. Over 600 delegates (elected by members in locals) will give up four to five days of their well-deserved Spring break to participate in our annual meeting to debate issues, set policy, and adopt priorities for the coming year.

Every worksite has copies of the resolutions and recommendations going to the meeting so I encourage you to give your input to your locally elected delegates. We face major challenges, and we have to be strategic as we tackle issues confronting us.

There is a concerted attack on public education and our profession; we live the impact of chronic underfunding. We have to resist the creeping privatization agenda of our public education and other public services.

As professionals, we know that data-driven standardized tests like the FSA are damaging to teaching and learning. Your Executive Committee and the Representative Assembly

are bringing an action plan to take on this data-driven phony accountability scheme.

Our students live in communities impacted by provincial and federal government actions that are shaking the very fabric of Canadian society. We have to engage in and focus our work to build a socially just civil society. We have to engage in the public and political debate to impact public policy—including our learning conditions. We cannot and must not remain silent.

Our AGM will also be electing a new BCTF Executive Committee for 2007–08. I want to thank you for the privilege of serving as your president for the last three years. You are my heroes.

– Jinny Sims

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