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Social media ethics and boundaries: Two workshops available for teachers

A group of BC teachers just finished designing two workshops about using social media ethically, wisely, safely, and effectively. These workshops are available for BCTF members at no cost and you can book them for provincial, district, or school-based professional development days. Local unions and associations can also book them for training purposes.

Understanding the Professional Relationship: Social Networking—Ethical Conduct Online (3–5 hours)

Teachers are expected to maintain boundaries in all communications with colleagues, students, and parents. With the increased use of social networking and electronic communication, teachers have faced discipline by their school boards, and the Teacher Regulation Branch. This workshop will provide opportunities for members to analyze, discuss, and enhance their understanding of being professional online.

Social Media (5 hours)

This social media workshop is designed to educate teachers about the professional and ethical use of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. The workshop reviews the wide-ranging landscape of social media through the lens of appropriate boundaries and professional conduct. Participants will learn about the value of engaging online as an educator, best practices, and appropriate privacy settings. This five-hour workshop discusses issues beyond the three-hour social media workshop as it also includes a component on how staff reps and local associations can support teachers using social media.

For more information about these workshops, including booking information, go to the BCTF website at http://tinyurl.com/ServicesHandbook-SURT or call the BCTF at 604-871-2283 or at 1-800-663-9163 and ask for Kelly Shields or email her at kshields@bctf.ca

No. 4 – January 2014

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