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2012–13 class composition worsens 

The BCTF recently submitted its Education Funding Brief to the provincial government. The brief shows that while BC continues to fall behind in nearly every  category of funding when compared to other provinces, class composition continues to deteriorate. As the chart below demonstrates, there were 14,885 classes  with four or more designated students with special needs in 2012–13, an  increase of 2,234  classes  over  2011–12. Of these, 3,485  classes  had seven

or more students entitled to an  IEP. These  numbers reveal that the Learning Improvement Fund is not a panacea. Rather, it covers  up  ongoing reductions to teaching and learning conditions.

In fact, there were 33 fewer teaching positions in 2012–13 than the previous year.

The BCTF calls on the  government to: 

  • Increase funding to support students with special needs—smaller classes  and more special education and learning assistance specialist teachers.
  • Restore other specialist positions that support all students.

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No. 2 – October 2013



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