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Imagine – everyday is World Teachers’ Day

Imagine a day when teachers for the sake of being teachers are truly appreciated and the work we do is wholeheartedly celebrated. Imagine that this day occurs in every country in the world.  

World Teachers’ Day, declared by UNESCO and first celebrated in 1994, was commemorated to appreciate the enormous contributions of the world’s 55 million teachers. This year, UNESCO’s slogan for World Teachers’ Day, “A Call for Teachers,” focuses on why quality teachers and quality education is critical for developing global citizens in a culturally diverse world. 

Often, teachers’ unions throughout the world organize conferences or celebratory events to honour their own members on this special day.

For teachers in some countries, simply organizing a conference for World Teachers’ Day is considered insurgent or illegal. And some organizations do not have the funds or resources to organize the most basic of conferences.  

In Karachi, Pakistan teachers are organizing a seminar about the importance of educating girls, while in Bangladesh teachers are holding their second annual reading conference. In Brussels, school bells will ring throughout the city to demonstrate the respect and appreciation for teachers’ efforts and to promote children’s right to good education.  

In BC, the status of teachers will improve when government fully funds public education. In the meantime, World Teachers’ Day offers the opportunity to reaffirm what we love about the work we do and to join hands with teachers, 55 million strong, throughout the world.

No. 1 – September 2013

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