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Our Year of Provincial Action is closing in on the provincial election in May. The theme for April is Class size and Composition.

Better Schools for BC – A plan for quality public education: http://bit.ly/12MnSv5  

The BCTF will be back at the BC Supreme Court in Sept./Oct. still seeking a remedy for the legislation that removed class size, composition, and case loads from our collective agreement. In 2011, the legislation was deemed unconstitutional and invalid by the BC Supreme Court. The bargaining team has tabled language on class size and composition, and ratios for specialist services.

These actions are happening as the new Ministry of Education class-size and composition reports for this school year, 2012–13 are released. While class sizes have improved somewhat with 1,363 classes over 30 being reported:

  • class-size averages for Kindergarten, at 19.0, are the highest they have been since 2005–06, now that the class-size average limits have been removed from the School Act. 
  • class-size averages for Grades 1–3 are also the highest in the last eight years at 21.1.
  • there are now 14,885 classes, or 22.2% of the classes in the province, with more than three students with IEPs. This number has risen steadily every year since the Bill 33 limits were introduced. More than 1 in 5 classes in the province now contain more than three students with IEPs, and an astonishing 3,485 classes contain more than seven students with IEPs. 

Link to provincial summary: http://bit.ly/VKnhHo  

Link to the main page for provincial, district, and school reports: http://bit.ly/WWViTf  

No. 5 – March 2013


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