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September 13, 2017

  1. New government’s provincial budget provides big boost for public education
  2. Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) update
  3. BC Teachers’ Council elections coming soon
  4. New Teachers’ Conference—Call for workshop proposals
  5. Opportunities for members—Committee/Ministry vacancies
  6. Walk for Reconciliation

New government’s provincial budget provides big boost for public education

The new BC government released its updated provincial budget on September 11 and spelled out several new tax policy changes and investments in public services. The changes include an increase in the corporate tax rate and an increased income tax rate for BC's wealthiest. On the spending side, the government promised $681 million in new K-12 education spending over the next three years. In a refreshing change, the government has also committed to fully cover the costs of increased enrolment and the restoration of our collective agreement in the years to come. By 2019-20, the overall injection of new funding into K-12 education will be over $1.4 billion.

In the short term, the government has already funded the restoration of free adult education in the K-12 system and provided a $50 million fund to pay for immediate space needs in schools. The total increase for public schools this year, above and beyond announcements made by the previous government, is $154 million of new funding. Read the BCTF's news release for reaction from First Vice-President Teri Mooring, who attended the government's announcement this week in Victoria.  

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) update

The FSA is scheduled to be administered to Grades 4 and 7 from October 2 - November 10, 2017. The BCTF is discussing with the new government teachers' concerns with the FSA and how its results are misused. Please look out for more information and advice from the Federation and your local regarding the current version of the Foundation Skills Assessment. 

BC Teachers’ Council elections coming soon

The Ministry of Education's Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) will be holding elections for the BC Teachers' Council (BCTC) soon. These elections are held every three years and members have the opportunity to become a BCTF-endorsed candidate. Elections take place within five zones: Fraser, Vancouver Coastal, Vancouver Island, Interior, and Northern. If you are interested in putting your name forward to be the BCTF-endorsed BCTC candidate for your zone, please contact your Local President.

Learn more about the BC Teachers' Council online and the procedures for the BCTF endorsation process in the Federation's Members' Guide (section 7.A.18 on page 40). 

New Teachers’ Conference—Call for workshop proposals

ntc2017The BC Teachers' Federation will be hosting its 20th New Teachers' Conference in Richmond March 2-3, 2018. The conference is a professional development opportunity designed specifically for new teachers and teachers teaching on call in their first five years of teaching. Student teachers are also invited. The call for workshop proposals is now open and the submission deadline is October 30, 2017. Learn more about the type of workshops organizers are looking for on the proposal submission form

Opportunities for members—Committee/Ministry vacancies

There is a vacancy on the BCTF's Advisory Committee on French Programs and Services that advises the Executive Committee on the needs and concerns of teachers of French as a first and second language. Il y a une position vacante sur le Comité consultatif des programmes et services de français de la FECB qui conseille le Comité exécutif sur les besoins et les préoccupations des enseignants des programmes de français langue première et seconde. There are also vacancies on the Teacher Qualification Board that governs the Teacher Qualification Service and planning session, participants for the Great Bear Rainforest Resource Development Project, and Peer Support Service Consultants. Learn more about the vacancies and apply online.  

Walk for Reconciliation

reconciliationBCTF members in the Lower Mainland are encouraged to participate in the Walk for Reconciliation occurring on September 24. Information is online.

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