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September 7, 2016

  1. 100 best books for elementary and secondary students
  2. New BCTF President Glen Hansman in the media about the revised curriculum
  3. Teachers needed for Ministry’s Graduation Assessment Development Teams
  4. Accepting “they” as a singular pronoun?

100 best books for elementary and secondary students

As part of the BC Teachers' Federation's 100th anniversary, the BCTF encouraged members to recommend their favourite kids' books to celebrate literacy and lifelong learning. We asked teachers: “What are the books you believe every student should read before graduating?” The result is a list of 100 books each for elementary and secondary students with an accompanying online resource and posters to promote the books and the love of reading.

To celebrate the release of the 100 Best Books lists, the BCTF has created a new web page called BCTF.ca/100bestbooks, and sent posters to every public school, public library, and independent book store in BC. The web page has links to every book to help readers access descriptions and the publishers' information. The release of the lists also coincides this week with International Literacy Day, which is September 8, 2016.

New BCTF President Glen Hansman in the media about the revised curriculum

GlenThe first week of school is always a busy week for any BCTF President. This year, Glen Hansman has been talking to many media outlets about the positive aspect of the revised curriculum and difficulties with the lack of resources needed to ensure its success. 

Watch Glen's interview with Global TV's morning news show, or read today's Globe and Mail article.

 In the latter piece, Glen made a strong case for more in-service training. He said, “In a variety of the areas of the revised curriculum, there needs to be a comprehensive, multiyear plan to make available a wide range of in-service opportunities for all teachers to access, regardless of where they live in the province. That sort of availability is not in place right now, nor are the individuals that would provide in-service or any sort of ongoing support."

Teachers needed for Ministry’s Graduation Assessment Development Teams

The BC Teachers' Federation is seeking 16 members to serve on the Ministry of Education's Provincial Graduation Assessment Development Teams. The deadline for applications is 5:00 p.m., Thursday, September 22, 2016. The posting and application form can be found on the Federation's Opportunities for Members.

The BCTF is also seeking two teachers willing to participate as the Federation's representatives on upcoming BCTF/BCPSEA Joint Committees to discuss various issues related teacher compensation as part of LOU No. 10. Learn more and apply on our Opportunities for Members page.

Accepting “they” as a singular pronoun?

In the latest edition of the BCTF's Social Justice Newsletter, authors Heather McDonald, Lizzie Midyette, and Nichelle Penney will help you write gender-neutral report cards. They write, “The ever-expanding knowledge of gender fluidity has resulted in more and more students feeling comfortable understanding their gender identity. With this evolution, teachers are looking to explore different ways they can give constructive feedback without using gendered pronouns on report cards.”

Other important topics included in this edition include reports on the Tri-National Conference for Public Education Defense as well as a workshop examining the issue of trafficking and exploitation of women and girls.


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