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Public education is a hot topic in the news in British Columbia today. We know that parents are concerned about their children's learning and the state of the public schools. These topics will help you keep up-to-date and informed.

Curriculum change (revised)

Major changes are currently happening to curriculum in British Columbia’s education system. The BCTF believes that many of these changes are positive, although there remain outstanding concerns.

Class size and composition

BC teachers are working hard to meet the needs of all students in the face of large classes and not enough support for students with special needs. 

Foundation Skills Assessment/standardized testing

Please go to bctf.ca/fsa.aspx for the withdrawal letter and for more information.

Public education is a community, not a commodity

We are witnessing a concerted effort by corporations, such as Pearson plc, to gain access to students in our schools. This is happening at a time when schools are struggling with funding shortfalls. Teachers in BC have concerns about the implications of allowing private interests to control public education. Public Education is not for sale.

School calendars

Many school districts are looking at cost-saving strategies, like school calendar changes, to deal with funding cuts. Become informed about the effect of such changes.

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