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Home & School Communication

Regular home and school communication is important to children’s learning. When teachers and parents talk together about student progress, children do better in school.

Building relationships

Developing a strong, positive relationship with your child’s teacher works in everyone’s favour. When parents and teachers communicate well and work together, everyone comes out ahead—the student, the parents, and the teacher.

Each September offers new opportunities for student success. Beginning the school year well sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Parents and teachers can work together to help children get a good start.

Parent presentations

The BCTF has developed sessions for parents that provide opportunities to learn strategies, gain knowledge and explore concerns.

Parent-teacher interviews

Parent-teacher interviews provide the best opportunity to learn about your child's progress, and are an important step in creating positive home/school communication.

Resolving difficult situations

The best way to resolve conflict is at the parent-teacher level. Problems are likely to be resolved when people talk directly to each other. 

Parent Concerns: A Guide for Resolution
From time to time you may have a query or worry about an aspect of your child's schooling. A healthy, honest relationship between you and your child's teacher contributes to your child's learning and school success. The processes outlined in this guide were developed primarily by parents and represent some of the best practices for handling these concerns fairly and respectfully.

School districts have a process for handling complaints that are not resolved at the school level. To find out what your school district policy is, ask your local teacher association office or school board office.


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