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Advocating for Public Education

BC teachers are reaching out to parents and concerned members of the public to support public education in every community in the province. We invite you to join with us in striving to maintain quality public schools and securing a bright future for our students.

Teachers are very concerned about school closures, overcrowded classes, and the lack of support for children with special needs. Years ago, the government promised to reduce class-size and class-composition problems, but students are still waiting for the support they need.  

Get involved... support public education

As parents, you may be wondering why the BCTF is involved in advocating for adequately funded public education. Our decision to make education a priority stems from our commitment to public education. Inherent in this commitment are the principles and ideals of the Charter of Public Education. Foremost among these is that everyone has the right to a free, quality public education.

Testing and assessment

Teachers are also very concerned about the impact of the excessive focus on testing, data collection, measuring and ranking. The brochure " Talking about teaching and learning" may help to begin a discussion of these issues.

Neighbourhood schools closed

Since 2002, more than 200 public schools in BC have closed. The number of closures in such a narrow space of time is unprecedented in our province’s public school history.

The BCTF has compiled and made public a comprehensive accounting of the closures in BC school districts since the BC Liberals were elected in 2001. Go to our school closures page for more information about the impact of cuts in communities.

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