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Hazel Davy Award

Special Education Association Award

Description: The Hazel Davy Award was established to honour Hazel Davy, a retired founding member of the Special Education Association, in order to recognize her accomplishments in special education. The award is presented at the annual SEA Crosscurrents Conference to recognize an individual's profession contribution to special education in the province of British Columbia.
Nature: The award consists of plaque on which each year the winner's name is inscribed and an individualized plaque given to the recipient.
Criteria: The nominee must be a B.C. resident:
  1. who is (or was) a member of the SEA.
  2. who is (or was) professionally employed in the field of special education.
  3. whose professional contributions affected the practices of other special educators.
  4. whose professional contributions resulted in improvement of services.
  5. who is aware of the nomination and is willing to accept the award.
Selection Process: Nominations are invited through the Crosscurrents newsmagazine and through letters to District Teachers' Association Presidents, and district Special Services Administrators. Letters of nomination should be sent to the SEA President and must be received by February 1 of the year the award will be presented.

The nomination must include:
  1. name, official position and address of the nominator.
  2. name, official position and address of the nominee.
  3. a description of the most outstanding professional contributions of the nominee.
  4. the nominee's curriculum vitae, including dates of SEA membership
Deadline Date: Nominations must be received by mail, fax, or email by the February 1 closure date. Late nominations will not be considered.

SEA Executive Committee members are not eligible for this award
during their term of office.

For further information, including application and/or nomination forms, please contact

Updated December 2, 2002


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