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Honorary Life Member of the BCMEA

British Columbia Music Educators' Association


The title of Honorary Life Member shall be awarded to people who have made outstanding contributions to music education in the Province of British Columbia both in and out of the classroom.

Nature: The award consists of a framed certificate, recognition at the annual conference, statement of contributions in various publications (BCMEA newsletter, BCAAE newsletter, Arts in Education newsletter, BC Teacher Magazine, local newspapers), complimentary registration at all BCMEA conferences, and a special membership card indicating this special membership status.

The recipient will be an educator:
a) whose life has been devoted to the cause of music education in the school system; b) whose impact has been felt at the provincial level, beyond the confines of the classroom; c) whose service has been beyond the demands of the professional position held; d) who has had an outstanding career as a music educator in the public schools; e) who has actively advanced the cause of music education in the province; f) who has made a contribution to BCMEA

Selection Process:

Nominations may be made by a group, e.g. local chapter, staff, faculty, or department, executive or committee of BCMEA. Nominations are made by submitting a supporting letter of nomination, outlining how the candidate meets the criteria. All nominations remain active for three years.
The initial screening of candidates is done by a committee of past presidents, chaired by the immediate past president. Recommendations are made to the executive by January 18th. The Executive committee makes the final selection and the decision is ratified at the Executive Council and Annual General meeting. The award is made at the annual conference.

Deadline Date:

All nominations must be received by January 15.

For further information, including application and/or nomination forms, please contact


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