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BCAEA Activity Grants

British Columbia Alternate Education Association


These grants are awarded in order to benefit "At Risk" students who are receiving alternative programming.


Four grants are available totaling a maximum of $2,000

Selection Process:

Applicants must provide a statement of rationale for the project, including how it will benefit the program and/or individuals involved; provide a balance sheet (breaking down all expenses and all funding sources) for the activity; provide the name and address of the sponsoring teacher and other staff; provide a statement by the program Administrative Officer that s/he is familiar with the project and supports the proposal.
Recipients will be chosen by the BCAEA Awards Committee After the event, Activity Grant recipients are asked to report on the activity that took place. Dated photos and student accounts of the activity should be included for newsletter publication. All unused funds must be returned to the BCAEA.

Deadline Date:

Submissions can be made throughout the year.

For further information, including application and/or nomination forms, please contact


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