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ABCDE Drama Teacher Of The Year

Association of British Columbia Drama Educators


This award may be offered annually to recognize practising teachers who incorporate drama in and beyond the classroom




The teacher must:
a) be a practising teacher, teaching at the K-12 level
b) be an ABCDE member
c) incorporate drama in and beyond the classroom (e.g. touring playbuilding to other schools, professionals in the school working with the students, going to see other people's work)

Selection Process:

Nominations may be made by members and nonmembers. Nominations must include a completed ABCDE Nomination form; letters of support from three different areas: e.g. a fellow ABCDE member, a student, a parent, a colleague, or an administrator; and a black and white photo of the nominee.
Letters of acknowledgement will be sent to all nominators.
The selection committee will consist of the members of the Executive Board of ABCDE. (If there are no nominees for the current year, and if the Executive Board deems it appropriate, nominations from the previous year may be reactivated with the permission of the nominator. However, the Executive Board is not compelled to present awards each year.)
The award(s) will be presented at the AGM of the ABCDE. Every effort will be made to have both the nominees and the nominators in attendance for the presentation.

Deadline Date:

Nominations should be submitted no later than November 30.

For further information, including application and/or nomination forms, please contact Colin Plant at or visit the website page at


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