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Gender Equity Projects

The BCTF international solidarity program has supported gender-related projects in Latin America, starting in 1986.  The projects focus on training programs that encourage women to develop as leaders in their union, their school and the society.  Union secretariats have carried out training and networking projects in Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama.  The gender projects in Central America have been coordinated through the regional organization of teacher unions, FOMCA.

On the 20thanniversary of the women in leadership program, Fanny Sequeira from SEC in Costa Rica talks in a video about the value of these programs supported by the BCTF and CoDevelopment Canada.

Non-Sexist and Inclusive Pedagogy

Non-Sexist and Inclusive Pedagogy is a proposal which began with unionized teachers in Costa Rica, for developing liberating, democratic and inclusive educative practices. The pedagogical proposal is in constant transformation as teachers, students and communities participate in the analysis of their reality and create ways to transform it. Several teachers’ unions in the Central American region have created teaching aids for elementary or secondary levels, and which today have been endorsed by Ministries of Education as official textbooks in the classroom. NSIP workshops have taken place in: Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru and Canada.

The regional coordination for Non-Sexist and Inclusive Pedagogy Program is led by Maria Trejos Montero and Esperanza Tasies Castro.