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English Pedagogical Workshops—Cuba and Peru

Many of the BCTF international programs are in Spanish speaking countries. Some members speak Spanish, but many without Spanish have expertise to share in the teaching of English as an additional language.

Peru map image Cuba teachers reading BCTF Teacher

English pedagogy projects in Cuba

The Cuban teachers’ union award to the BCTF

Reflections on changes in Cuba
The Congress of the teachers’ union reflects the issues of concern to Cuban teachers

Sharing, fun, and learning” A Cuban teacher looks at British Columbia

Teacher to teacher: An empowering experience” 
A Cuban and a Canadian describe the joint work of the BCTF and the Cuban teachers’ union in offering pedagogical workshops in Cuba. This was a presentation to Pedagogia 2003, the annual pedagogical conference that attracts thousands for Latin American teachers.

Student trips to Cuba: 2006 and 1999

A musical exploration of Cuba: 2001

English pedagogy projects in Peru

Support, respect, and solidarity” by Violette Baillargeon, Surrey

Unleashing Peru’s potential—Our mutually-beneficial partnership” by Barb Ryeburn

Struggles in teaching a second language: Commonalities between Peru and BC” by Karen Andrews

Building international solidarity between teachers: the Peru project” by Janet Nicole