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Tri-national Coalition in Defense of Public Education

2016 Tri-National Conference

What is the Tri-national Coalition?

The Tri-national Coalition was initiated in 1993 in response to NAFTA, the tri-national trade agreement that included Canada, the US and Mexico. It has continued to work on issues related to the impact on the three countries around education and the impact of neo-liberal policies that are central to the global "trade" agreements. For more details on its history, look here.

12th Tri-national Conference—Vancouver, CA 2016

11th Tri-national Conference—Chicago, USA 2014

10th Tri-national Conference —Mexico, City 2012

7th Tri-national Conference—Oaxaca, Mexico 2006

5th Tri-national Conference—Zacatecas, Mexico 2001

4th Tri-national Conference—Queretaro, Mexico 1998