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2004 Wright Commission on Teacher Bargaining

Following the stripping of collective agreements and collective bargaining rights for teachers in 2002, Gordon Campbell's Liberal government appointed Don Wright in December of 2003 to review and recommend further changes to teacher collective bargaining. On December 16, 2004, Wright released his final report on teacher bargaining structures.

In August of 2004, prior to his final report, Wright released an options paper for final comments from the BCTF, BCPSEA and BCSTA.

Although the BCTF made the case for a return to full scope collective bargaining, including the right to strike, the final report recommended further restrictions on all aspects of teachers’ collective bargaining rights.

Teachers’ response to these attempts to further restrict their bargaining rights came in the form of a 10-day illegal strike in the fall of 2005, just 10 months after Wright issued his final report and just a few days after the government abandoned bargaining and imposed another collective agreement.

Although Wright’s recommendations were never implemented, it wouldn’t be until November of 2016 that the Supreme Court of Canada would rule that the actions of the Campbell government in restricting teachers’ collective bargaining rights and stripping collective agreement provisions were unconstitutional.