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2014 & 2015 Court Rulings

January 27, 2014 was an historic day for public education and labour rights in BC. The BC Supreme Court reaffirmed that provincial legislation limiting teachers’ bargaining rights was unconstitutional, restored collective agreement provisions stripped in 2002, and ordered the province to pay $2 million in damages plus court costs.

BCTF President Jim Iker’s January 27 news conference:

The BC Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the provincial government on April 30, 2015. The BCTF decided to seek leave to appeal the decision at the Supreme court of Canada.

BCTF news conference on BC Court of Appeal decision, April 30, 2015

Court case timeline

BCTF legal team
Bills 22 and 28 appeal case lawyers (L-R) BCTF Legal Counsel Diane MacDonald, John Rogers, Q.C.,
Steven Rogers, and Amanda Merritt, Victory Square Law Office.