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2012 3-day Strike for a Negotiated Agreement

2011-04 Public Opinion Infographic
November 2011 public polling showed overwhelming support for teachers.

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Bargaining began in February 2011, months before the 2006-11 collective agreement ran out. But after a year at the bargaining table with no progress, and facing government’s “net zero” bargaining mandate and further restrictive legislation, teachers voted 87% to withdraw services beginning in March of 2012. Under essential services legislation, the BC Labour Relations Board had ruled that teachers could strike for 3 days, and then one day a week after that, but that there could be no picketing of schools. Administrative officers and support staff kept schools open as teachers walked off the job on March 6, 7 and 8. The subsequent legislation, Bill 22, ordered a "cooling off period”, banned teachers from striking, imposed a 2-year wage freeze, required the BCTF to negotiate employer concessions including the erosion of PD autonomy, evaluation and seniority provisions. But the government didn’t get everything it wanted.

2012 Bill 22 rally