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1988 Full Scope Local Bargaining

The BCTF engaged in three rounds of local bargaining under the full collective bargaining model, dramatically changing the very nature of the organization.

Thirty-two disputes led to strikes and three resulted in lockouts. There were also five support staff strikes. The BCTF established the Collective Bargaining Defence Fund and expanded the Federation’s capacity to handle grievances. 

In the third round of local bargaining, government ordered striking Vancouver and Surrey teachers back to work.

In 1991, the Federation waged a major campaign of political action in that fall’s provincial election, focussing on education’s funding and opposition to Bill 82, which imposed wage controls on half of the Federation’s locals.

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1988-02 BCTF Newsletter article
Bargaining bottom line: New contracts must include gains, BCTF Newsletter Vol. 27, No. 6, February 11, 1988

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The March 1988 through May 1989 Teacher newsmagazines and BCTF Newsletters featured several articles about bargaining.

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