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1983 3-Day Solidarity Strike for Seniority Rights

In July 1983, the provincial government tabled 26 pieces of legislation that together constituted the most significant assault on human, social, and workers’ rights and the social-safety net that had been seen in Canada to that point. The Solidarity Coalition and Operation Solidarity were formed and the BCTF was a key participant. In November 1983, teachers walked off the job for three days and participated with other unions in a major protest against the government’s actions. Following the conclusion of the Solidarity Strike, teachers in every local of the province negotiated seniority/severance agreements with their school boards.

The Solidarity Strike of 1983 article by Ken Novakowski from the Teacher Newsmagazine, Vol. 12, No.4, Jan./Feb. 2000 provides more details.

Burnaby teachers prepare for strikeBurnaby teachers prepare for the strike. 
L to R: Karen Danderfer, Bernice Wood, Jane Turner, Linda Shuto, Darcy Bader, Richard Hoover

1983-11 Port Moody Junior Secondary picket line 

A Declaration of the Rights of the People of British Columbia

A Declaration of the Rights of the People of British Columbia appeared in the October 1983 BCTF Newsletter.

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The September through December 1983 BCTF Newsletters featured several articles about the campaign.

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 September 1983
October 1983
November 1983 December 1983

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