BCTF Online Museum

Our resources provide a way to find out more about the BCTF and provide links to related information, reference, historical documents, etc.


Over the years, much has been written about the history of the BCTF. This bibliography compiles the many contributions to our understanding of the Federation and its place in the history of labour in BC and Canada.

Governance Documents

AGM minutes and reports and resolutions provide interesting insight into the important issues of the time that where up for discussion and debate at the BCTF Annual General Meetings.

BCTF Historical Briefs, Reports and Submissions, r

The BCTF makes submissions to government on a range of topics—reports on education policy and curriculum, bargaining and teacher welfare, social policy and an annual education funding brief.

Archival Materials

Researchers can access primary source materials related to BCTF history at a number of archival repositories around the province.

BCTF Legal Cases

Find court documents related to the many legal battles that the BCTF has been involved in throughout its history.