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David Chudnovsky and Ken Novakowski on Political Action

Ken Novakowski

Langley social studies teacher, local union president, bargaining staff member at the BCTF, president of the BCTF, executive director of the BCTF, co-ordinator and contributor to the Labour History Project. Ken is either one of the most knowledgeable teacher activists ever or he simply cannot hold down a job. Either way, he makes for a very interesting read.

David Chudnovsky

Surrey English teacher, local union president, BCTF president at the time of the infamous and unconstitutional stripping of our collective agreements, David developed a strong relationship between the first multi-racial teachers’ union, SADTU, in South Africa and the teachers of BC. David is currently a Steven Spielberg wannabe (and look-a-like) as he is one of the co-producers of Vancouver’s annual South African Film Festival.